07 June 2010

Beautiful New York

I just saw this picture on a blog. It is by Alex Gaidouk. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just put a photo from someone else's Flickr on my blog..but we shall see!
This is so unbelievably beautiful, its like a still from a movie made by CGI.

I have some shots of New York skyline from my time spent on 3rd Avenue.

I mainly like these photos because when I took them I felt a million miles away from my normal life in Ireland. No doubt about it, New York gives great skyline.

Original Divas

Goodbye Dublin...

So finally I have moved home. I have left Dublin, where I lived for seven very happy years. I am sad it's over (for the time being anyway) so I thought I would write a little goodbye love letter to my former home.

Goodbye Dublin. Goodbye UCD and TCD. Goodbye shops I have worked in, including Cleary's with your dodgy canteen and Busstop Shop with your amazingly freakish customers. Goodbye all the places I have ever lived, from shitty student halls to a dodgy basement in Charleston Road to above an offlicence in Blackrock to a near Palace overlooking the canal at Portobello to my last home, a big house in Sandymount. Goodbye Whelans, your smoking area may be pimped out now but I remember when it was a slim corridor downstairs. Goodbye Camden Casket, I loved buying out-of-date biscuits and cheap shampoo from you. Goodbye Mars Chinese, you look fairly shady but you're delicious. Goodbye the Grand Canal, I have walked your length from the Schoolhouse to Griffith College many a time and the portion between Harolds Cross and Portobello is my favourite. Goodbye the smell of Camden Street on a hot night. Goodbye the beggers on O'Connell Street who actually stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you when you're at the bank machine. Goodbye Coppers, if you don't score in Coppers you are dead. Goodbye Aprile, you were my favourite chipper, and will always have a place in my heart. Goodbye Crawdaddy, especially Antics where three euro pints encouraged me to make a million bad decisions. Goodbye Grafton Street at nighttime. Goodbye the 10, the 11, the 46a, the 15, the 128, the 7, the 2, the 3, the 45, the 145, the 8 and the 4. Goodbye the dart and the luas, many times I rode you with no ticket. Goodbye cheap shops on Henry Street, you made me very happy but very trashy looking. Goodbye the big Pennys on Mary Street, you made my life. Goodbye cineworld I spend whole days in you going to movies for free and went on my first date in you. Goodbye Base Bar, you welcomed me so warmly recently even though I'm not gay. Goodbye Burger King in Baggot Street, nums. Goodbye Leeson Street I spent two happy years walking along you. Goodbye all the Charity shops along Camden Street, Aungier Street, Georges Street. Goodbye all the restraunts I've worked in, Acapoulco you made my hair smell like fried food. Goodbye Doyles and fuck you, I will never darken your door again. Goodbye going to gigs in the Olympia, you were pretty much a shithole but I saw some fun bands there. Goodbye Centra in Ranelagh where I worked and got fired from. Goodbye Dominos, you really were best for a hangover feed. Goodbye old friends, old boyfriends, good memories, bad memories, tears and laughs. I will miss you Dublin, and I hope I'll be back.