17 December 2010

Hot Irish Guys Vol. 2

I have to get my shit together and either blog this bitch up or delete it.

Hot Irish Guys Volume 2 is about to begin, technically it should be called 'Hot Irish Brothers' or 'Hot Irish Guys Vol.2, 3 and 4' becuase I am featuring the very ridey O'Hailpin brothers. Hubba hubba.

In my usual shabby-bastard way of doing things I know fack all about them but I do have some very nice pictures. Here are three of them from a few years ago
 Sean Og, Setanta and Aisake

They were born in Australia to a Irish father and a Fijian mother. Hot combo - who knew? They moved to Cork when the family was young and the boys started playing GAA. All of them seemed to go back to Australia at some stage and play Aussie Rules. I find many GAA players attractive but I find ALL Aussie Rules players attractive...some TDH, mixed-race, hotties wearing vests, gettin violent? Sign me up Bitch!

Sean Og is the eldest, from what I can find out he seems to be a bit sensible, he works in the bank in Cork and plays GAA to a very high level. Here is a picture of his pretty face

And heres another of him doin' what he do

Now thats hot. Hellooo Mr Big Legs.

This is where it gets confusing. I can't tell the difference between Setanta and Aisake. I know Setanta is the older and I know they are both some gorgeous human beings but I'm not sure which is which so I'm just going to post some photos willy-nilly and you'll get the idea.
I know this is Aisake..Oh heyyy boy, you gotta girl? You want one?


This is Setanta and Aisake (I think) a while ago.

God, I love hot Irish men.

19 September 2010

I'm lucky I have so much time on my hands...literally

I have been spending alot of time on my nails recently. This is a mixture of my love of an interesting nail and my broke-ness which equals no new clothes but new cheap things such as accessories and nail-varnish.

I decided to give leopard a go. I got three nail-varnishes from Pennys the last day I was in Dublin (like I said...broke). They are by 'essence colour and go'...class all the way with me. I got #32 Gold Rush, #33 Just In Case and #21 Fabuless.

I put the Gold Rush on as my base colour, then randomly blobbed Just In Case at regular intervals around each nail (I did four per nail) then I carefully drew circles round the blobs in Fabuless.

I took about two hours because I had to wait so long for each step to dry, I was on the phone to my sister so it was good.

Now, it wasn't perfect but if you looked closely it looked pretty good. I enjoyed having them because people did mention them to me. I'm no nail artist but when you wear as much black as me it's a fun thing to do to interest up a look.

Nails did.

05 September 2010

I need to blog about this like yesterday

I saw this on my favourite blog of all time Jezebel and I literally DIED. I laughed, I blushed, I giggled, I gasped, I puked, I cried, I shouted.

How BAD is this? Number One, you've got a hot guy with no top on..this makes us feel aroused, and if not aroused then at least interested.

Number Two, the hot guy talks about "moisture"..over and over and over again. Like, shut up friend, we get it ok??

Number Three, what are my feeling meant to be right now? Am I aroused or am I sickened? An I sickly aroused or arousedly sick?

Am I wrong to not want a hot dude to talk about the contents of a *whisper it* sanitary pad??? I actually feel ill even typing this. Our boyfriends can know about periods, they can buy us feminine hygeine products and they can even talk in-depth about period pains but SERIOUSLY does anyone want to talk to their boyfriend about how much they hate feeling soggy??!!

Look, Stayfree, kudos. Honestly, respect. But I'm not sure you are taking this in the right direction. I think the ad should be shot of hot couple making out in bed, he is rubbing her body, limbs are a-kimbo and then the girl gets shy and says something like 'emm..we need to stop' and he's all like 'why?' and she's like 'I'm worried I smell or something...' and he thinks it's because they've spent the day walking around a hip neighbourhood and says 'I can't smell anything'. She sighs with relief. FIN.

Ps. Im officially a true Jezzie! I posted my first comment on the site today! Yeo!

04 September 2010

Jersey Shore and Pitbull???

You don't EVEN understand how obsessed with Pitbull I am right now...In fact, I need to blog about him like, five minutes ago. So this video actually made me scream like an eleven year old at a Beiber concert.

Havin' fun, doin' nails

I was watching online tutorials for stuff and I saw one for 'Half-Moon' manicures by Jennifer on The Looks for Less and I decided 'why the hellz not?' I'm sitting here in front of my computer checking PsycInfo for stuff anyway so this is what happened.

First I painted my nailz white

I think that my first problem happened at this stage - if you are going to paint your nail and then paint another colour over it, it needs to be a smooth finish, so you need to use a good quality nailvarnish. I am not picky so the white nailvarnish I used was one I bought from Poundland (not joking). It's 'New York Colour' in 'French White'. It's ok, but you do need about eighty layers for it to be proper white.

The I put on the little reinforcer circles - good call Jennifer! She was less wasteful than me and actually cut them in half so as not to waste any. I couldn't be bothered so I just slapped them on any old way (*shameful*) and painted my nails!
Here came my next problem...placing them. How far up the nail do you go? How much do you leave white? My hands don't really match. As I said though, I'm kinda of a shambolic bitch. I painted my nails the cuuutest colour I have. It's Rimmel (obvs, most of my nailvarnish is Rimmel) 60 seconds in 409 Coral Crush. Mmm Mmm Mmm!

So here is the finsihed product!
If you look closely they are very shabbily done but as I said I'm a shabby girl so I really liked them! I also usually have just chipped block colour on them so it was a nice change! All evening I was staring at my nails, lovin' it!

I'm loving online tutorials right now. I was looking at ones for Victory Rolls, I feel like they're going to be vair difficult (even though all the videos are like 2 minutes long - lying bitches). I didn't bother doing my hair today but I think I'll give it a go tomorrow.

For now, get it bucked.

Bold Blogger

Sorry guys! I know I've been the crappest blogger ever since I started this malarkey. I hope you weren't like this.

 I don't even have a good reason for not updating. Well, I kinda do. I'm finishing my Masters at the minute which involves writing my final Chapters and correcting earlier ones AND looking for a frakking job (Melt) which means writing CV's and cover letters...Blah blah blah.

Oh and I also started a new part-time job, in a fancy ladies clothes shop. It's shit though, business is sloooowww and I'm not built for retail (I tell the truth even though I'm on commision and I don't believe in the hard-sell).

So yea, busy times in Pussy Land. I have SOSO many ideas for Hot Irish Guys though EXCITI! Hold onto your bras!

13 August 2010

My favourite things together

I saw this on The Lipstick Diaries today and I had to post about it. First of all, Dev is from Los Angeles but because she has such a randomly generic name I can't find ANYTHING else on her! I don't know what age she is, or how long shes been in the music game but Imma find her on twitter later (I'm getting mad into twitter these days, more on that later).

The only thing I do know (from The Lipstick Diaries) is that she used to intern at ZAMAZIN clothes line 'Hellz Bellz' and thus is not only realli cool but also made a suuuuper fun video for her song 'Booty Bounce' featuring allll of the labels looks - 26 outfits in all from 2007 to 2011. The outfits and styling are puuuure beaut, Dev looks amazing AND both my favourite things, fashion and music are condensed into one 3 minute 14 seconds video makes this even better.


(Sorry for the shitty link but I can't use a computer and have NO IDEA how to do this properly...kill me!)

30 July 2010

Irish hot guys Volume 1

I was having a conversation last weekend with a friend and we moodily agreed that Irish people are the ugliest people in the world. I used to live in a multi-racial household and we had many spirited conversations about this topic. My friend used to placate me 'At least you have the gift of the blarney!'...Bitch, 'blarney' means nonsense!!

Anyway, the next day I was reading the paper and came across a picture of an exceedingly hot Irish guy, so I decided to do a series of blog posts about hot Irish guys. So here is hot Irish guy number one, athelete Thomas Chamney!
Hes the one on the right...obviously. So Thomas Chamney is 26, hes an Aries (which makes him moody, independent, generous and self-involved - Glamour magazine says that this month Aries are having a tough time at but their challanges are actully a profound chance to change their life for good).
Again, he's on the right...Arriba!

Thomas Chamney was born in Clonmel Co. Waterford and moved to Dublin when he was young. He runs 800 meters (for those who care about things like that). So, I am clearly following him on twitter, all in the name of research, and his twitter is ALL about runing, hes such an Irish boy in that when he is describing his performance at a recent race he says he "ran shite". He went to Notre Dame and did loads of running..blah blah.. He studied English and wrote a blog in which he satirised himself as a boozy-skirt-chasing-over-competitive-asshat. Hmm...boys got chops, hawt.
Congratulations Thomas Chamney, you stubbly chiseled Irish hottie, you are The Pussy Blues first 'Hot Irish guy'!

07 June 2010

Beautiful New York

I just saw this picture on a blog. It is by Alex Gaidouk. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just put a photo from someone else's Flickr on my blog..but we shall see!
This is so unbelievably beautiful, its like a still from a movie made by CGI.

I have some shots of New York skyline from my time spent on 3rd Avenue.

I mainly like these photos because when I took them I felt a million miles away from my normal life in Ireland. No doubt about it, New York gives great skyline.

Original Divas

Goodbye Dublin...

So finally I have moved home. I have left Dublin, where I lived for seven very happy years. I am sad it's over (for the time being anyway) so I thought I would write a little goodbye love letter to my former home.

Goodbye Dublin. Goodbye UCD and TCD. Goodbye shops I have worked in, including Cleary's with your dodgy canteen and Busstop Shop with your amazingly freakish customers. Goodbye all the places I have ever lived, from shitty student halls to a dodgy basement in Charleston Road to above an offlicence in Blackrock to a near Palace overlooking the canal at Portobello to my last home, a big house in Sandymount. Goodbye Whelans, your smoking area may be pimped out now but I remember when it was a slim corridor downstairs. Goodbye Camden Casket, I loved buying out-of-date biscuits and cheap shampoo from you. Goodbye Mars Chinese, you look fairly shady but you're delicious. Goodbye the Grand Canal, I have walked your length from the Schoolhouse to Griffith College many a time and the portion between Harolds Cross and Portobello is my favourite. Goodbye the smell of Camden Street on a hot night. Goodbye the beggers on O'Connell Street who actually stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you when you're at the bank machine. Goodbye Coppers, if you don't score in Coppers you are dead. Goodbye Aprile, you were my favourite chipper, and will always have a place in my heart. Goodbye Crawdaddy, especially Antics where three euro pints encouraged me to make a million bad decisions. Goodbye Grafton Street at nighttime. Goodbye the 10, the 11, the 46a, the 15, the 128, the 7, the 2, the 3, the 45, the 145, the 8 and the 4. Goodbye the dart and the luas, many times I rode you with no ticket. Goodbye cheap shops on Henry Street, you made me very happy but very trashy looking. Goodbye the big Pennys on Mary Street, you made my life. Goodbye cineworld I spend whole days in you going to movies for free and went on my first date in you. Goodbye Base Bar, you welcomed me so warmly recently even though I'm not gay. Goodbye Burger King in Baggot Street, nums. Goodbye Leeson Street I spent two happy years walking along you. Goodbye all the Charity shops along Camden Street, Aungier Street, Georges Street. Goodbye all the restraunts I've worked in, Acapoulco you made my hair smell like fried food. Goodbye Doyles and fuck you, I will never darken your door again. Goodbye going to gigs in the Olympia, you were pretty much a shithole but I saw some fun bands there. Goodbye Centra in Ranelagh where I worked and got fired from. Goodbye Dominos, you really were best for a hangover feed. Goodbye old friends, old boyfriends, good memories, bad memories, tears and laughs. I will miss you Dublin, and I hope I'll be back.

27 May 2010

This happened

This is my hand
Then I fake tanned, And this happened
Not a good look.

21 May 2010

Beautiful - Girl Crisis

I thought I was hungover yesterday...

Holy Sweet Jesus.
I thought I was hungover yesterday? That was nothing on today...I'm ill, I'm dying. I don't even care anymore, I'm about to walk out in my street and beg a car to hit me, I feel so unwell.

This should technically be a great hangover day, I have all the hangover food that I bought yesterday but didn't eat because I was out drinking again, I have the house (and thus, the remote)  to myself, I should have added tolerance to the pain because I just went through this yesterday, but somehow I feel so bad that nothing is good.
So I mentioned that I have so little time left in Dublin, I have decided to take all the oppurtunities to go out and do stuff I can. So yesterday, I was just drifting off into a end-of-hangover fug when my flattie texted to say lets go boozing outside in the Pav. I couldn't refuse. So, we went there, lots of Devils Bit cider.
Later we went to Base Bar, which is kind of the reason for this post. So Base Bar is a club just off Grafton Street and I've only been on  Thursday which is gay night.
It is an absolute whale of a time! Within minutes of being in there the hits were stacking up. We're talking Gaga, Cheryl, Beyonce and Robyn...diva-licious!

Being a single girl I don't often go to gay bars just because I'm usually on the hunt for a male who likes the female form but Base bar is a great spot. The drink is sooooo cheap! You can get a vodka and energy drink for €4 and a tequila for €2. Although, I really overdid it last night *stabs self in eye*

I love a good dance-y night out, just drink a few shots and then get on the dancefloor. Anyway I can't talk about this anymore. I'm going to murder myself then hopefully eat some garlic bread.

20 May 2010

Hungover to shit

Yes, so as previously mentioned I am hungover like a monkey who accidently drank the gamekeepers beer last night. Bleeuugghh. It's fun to spend Thursday in bed, hungover but the guilts are creeping in, assaulting my comfort and reminding me that I have shit to do. Fuck you guilt! Fuck you my Masters!

When you are hungover there are some things that should be done to ensure maximum illness-recovery and pleasure with minimum fuss or pain.

1)  Painkillers. Do not try to do this alone. You need a lil sumpin sumpin to get you through the initial horror of waking up remembering pint after pint and at least three shots and that wierd sticky brown stuff you had when you went back to that random party..oh fuck that random party. Did I really lick that guys dog's basket just because I was dared to?

2) After the painkillers have kicked in (just lie in bed moaning and trying to block out the half-formed memories for about half an hour), leave the bed, take the duvet and head to the nearest television set.

Hangover tv is very personal choice, my mum mostly prefers Greys Anatomy, my sister likes to catch up on current tv whereas I like to watch stuff I can cry to. In the past that has included an advertisment for arthritis medication (she used to be able to carry her shit back from the shops by herself and now she cant waaaaaaa), High School Musical (I've never been kissed on a rooftop in the rain waaaaaa), and Bones (he died in a giant tumble dryer, well he didn't...but his remains were put in a giant tumble dryer, waaaaa).
Thats a wierd fucking set of pictures. *shudder*

3) Ok, the next step is into another area of personal taste - the hanogver feed, with the added complexity of how broke you are after last night, what's in your fridge and how bad you are. The worst case scenario is that you are really ill, like boking ill and you have nooo money (in fact, you owe your flatmate a tenner for the taxi home) and the only things in your cupboard are the stale heels of a loaf, apples, a tin of diet soup and white sauce powder. You, my friend, are fucked. Go back to bed, this day ain't getting any better.
The best case scenario is you have some money left, a phone with credit, a friend who likes the same tv as you and a dominos menu. There is no pizza like hungover pizza and there is no better way of eating triple carbs than pizza-garlic bread-wedges. Even WRITING this is making me drool! Oh good times, and obviously hungover calories don't count.
This, to me, is the triumvirate. And if this shit is all up in the mix as well...well, now you've got a party.
Yes, this is garlic sauce. Double garlic you say? Yes, I say!

4) Ok, the tv is on, its a show you have already seen. The food is finished and the cartons are lying on the floor. You have talked about all the hideous things you did last night and you both are on an even score of shame. There is only one last thing to do to finally banish the hangover, drift off into a gentle, relaxing snooze. Ahh, the mothers womb could not have been this comfortable.

Punks I'd like to...

I am sooo hungover today that the only thing I am fit for is lying on my bed, randomly pinballing around the internet and massaging the area on my forehead where most of the pain seems to be coming from.

However, this can be good because I came across this shit. http://fuckyeahpilfs.tumblr.com/. Punks Id Like to Fuck is the brainchild of two girls called Michele and Katrina. Basically its hot, dirty punks and punk-like humans, it's somethig to do with owning your own sexuality/arousal and thus not being 'a living fuckdoll'...or something.
 The guy on the left. I like it all.

I took a look aorund and yea, some people on there are kinda hot. I dont know, when I look at some pictures of people I'd want to fuck, I want to actually want to fuck them..not like this where I'm like "omg he'd be a hottie without the blood stained teeth" or "cute face, definatly looks like there would be a smell of mushroom around him though".  I guess I'm totally missing the point, and I just must not be attracted to punks.

Theres something reassuring about saying I'm not attracted to punks. Its like "Don't worry Mum"

The girls who run this are pretty harcore feminist, their rights to their vaginas and their right to their arousal is a big deal. I get it. I respect that. My only problem is when people get a bit earnest about it. I have some friends who are really earnest about their passions, I do get it, honestly, I have passions. But if someone calls someone a retard in front of me I don't start to cry or dispense lectures "Don't say retard! They are children with special educational needs and actually everyone has special educational needs if you think about it...." five hours later the lecture is over and so is the craic.

But yea, respect for putting up some pictures of some hot 'alternative' guys. Its like hot Gingers or hot Aisans
Look at these two, this shit is hot. I think I like it because theres two of them.

A problem I have with punks is that I don't love men that spend too much time on their 'look'. I like a guy who gets his sister to cut his hair, who ony gets new clothes on Christmas and his birthday and if he has dry skin he uses something ridiculous like vaseline.
 Like these two.

I'm not saying that the two punks use Nivea for Men and go to the Punk Outfitters every payday, but they do go to a tatoo parlour or a piercing shop with a clear idea in their head 'Oh I know something that will look really good/cool'. They do look in the mirror and think 'How can I look more punk-like today?'. I just don't love that shit.
Now, if someone made a blog called Men with Good Arms, Stubble, Glasses, Chunky Body, Little or No Fashion Sense, i'd be all over that shit. I'd be subsrcibing, buying the t-shirt and the book, e-mailing the creator, posting comments and putting a feed from here to there. Ahhh, someone needs to make that blog.

16 May 2010

Stuff I've bought recently

I bought this bump-it in a Pound Stretcher at home, well I say I bought it but my Mum, Big Una actually bought it and I gave her a fiver. Oh the shame of not being able to afford a good-hair-device that costs £9.99
I tried to use it last night, but as usual with all my fake hair implements, I realised I would just take it out after one pint so I put it away and told myself 'I'll wear it the next time' (I have a fake fringe I have still not worn because I'll wear it the next time).

Some nice nail-varnishes. Orange is my third favourite colour after gold and coral so Im excited about that. The pink Star Gazer stuff is unreal. Nums.
The Star Gazer stuff is my homage to Snookie. I wore it last night, fingers and toes and felt Jersalicious. I always feel Jersalicious though.

Ok, so I didn't techincally buy this, I found it downstairs and I've decided Im going to keep it.
I've never read any Sparks books, they sound like a pile o' shite but I'm in the mood right now for a weepie. It better get my juices flowing. I watched the Notebook for the first time at Easter with my sisters. They're a hot couple, it's a pity they get old. Actually, thats an idea for a post - the collected works of Nicholas Sparks. Hmm...I'll get on that.

This is the last thing I bought, well, the remains of it. Abrakebabra's quesadilla! My flattie and I went to Abras after 'the club' (in Lil Wayne voice) last night. It was immense but it tasted even better this morning, washed down with a cold milk. Huzzah for fast food!
I've just realised I'm a total minger. Ah well. I have pictures of me and my sister in Croatia last summer eating burritos and drinking wine in bed. FTW!

Theres nothing like a good coloured bra to keep you in cheerful mood. So I bought two coral bras from Pennys, noice! Well, Big Una bought me one of them.
I have had about 8 coral bras over the years but I really like a flash of coral at a shoulder.  Yes, this does look gigantic. Maybe I will make an umbrella out of a cup.

The stuff I've bought recently looks a bit frivolous, to be honest. I should have bought a dictionary or graph paper.