06 May 2011

Meso sorryy

I'm just not in't mood for posting at the minute...I'm feeling well blocked up.

I'll be back soon with some hot nails and some hotter irish guiz.

Ps I'm over on tumblr at the minute too www.thepussyblues.tumblr.com

See you in a minute

24 April 2011

Nice pair

Do you like ti-tehs?

If so this is the spot for you. The Fashion Tit is a website dedicated to those happy twosomee - boobies.

I just LOVE a nice duo of arty breastes so I'm loving trawling back through pages of boo-bahs from fashion spreads in mags such as Dazed, Cake Magazine, Vogue Italia etc

One more look...?

Ah yea, thanks

16 April 2011

Twerkin it

Blogs I love, introducin' me to shit I can't live witout.

LOVE Des Boobs and allll she do.

LOVE lurkdat toooz.


This is my FAVOURITE thing EVER!

I saw this somewhere and just had to post it. (See? If I was a more well organised blogger I would remember and LINK where I found this shit)

So, it's called 'sexstrologyy' and it gives little sexy titbits and 'facts' about your starsign!!! AGGHHH!!

I'm BIG into astrology and this is like, soooooo true! I am a steamy, straight Scorpio and some of these funs are truuue!

Also I'm vair vair excited because the boy I am hazing a crush on iz a Cancer and apparently Scorps and Cancers are hella compatible in the scratcher - win win!

"A Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do" I concur babez.

No pics? No soooooez, I'm suuper busy today watching the Kardashians and my cat. Saaanks!

02 April 2011

Did someone just call me...?

LOVE this song.

I feel so anti-faminist right now - those fucking Ying-yang twins are mysoginistic fucks but WHAT A FUCKING CHOOOON.

I can't not shake it to this.

Hellz to the yez

I DID dream a dream of big butts!

The ga-donk-a-donk at the start in the pink bikini is what I am striving for. Oh you know!

Betterrr believe it

Things I am loving right now. Even though usually I detest Jermain Dupri.

Hot shit