17 December 2010

Hot Irish Guys Vol. 2

I have to get my shit together and either blog this bitch up or delete it.

Hot Irish Guys Volume 2 is about to begin, technically it should be called 'Hot Irish Brothers' or 'Hot Irish Guys Vol.2, 3 and 4' becuase I am featuring the very ridey O'Hailpin brothers. Hubba hubba.

In my usual shabby-bastard way of doing things I know fack all about them but I do have some very nice pictures. Here are three of them from a few years ago
 Sean Og, Setanta and Aisake

They were born in Australia to a Irish father and a Fijian mother. Hot combo - who knew? They moved to Cork when the family was young and the boys started playing GAA. All of them seemed to go back to Australia at some stage and play Aussie Rules. I find many GAA players attractive but I find ALL Aussie Rules players attractive...some TDH, mixed-race, hotties wearing vests, gettin violent? Sign me up Bitch!

Sean Og is the eldest, from what I can find out he seems to be a bit sensible, he works in the bank in Cork and plays GAA to a very high level. Here is a picture of his pretty face

And heres another of him doin' what he do

Now thats hot. Hellooo Mr Big Legs.

This is where it gets confusing. I can't tell the difference between Setanta and Aisake. I know Setanta is the older and I know they are both some gorgeous human beings but I'm not sure which is which so I'm just going to post some photos willy-nilly and you'll get the idea.
I know this is Aisake..Oh heyyy boy, you gotta girl? You want one?


This is Setanta and Aisake (I think) a while ago.

God, I love hot Irish men.