19 September 2010

I'm lucky I have so much time on my hands...literally

I have been spending alot of time on my nails recently. This is a mixture of my love of an interesting nail and my broke-ness which equals no new clothes but new cheap things such as accessories and nail-varnish.

I decided to give leopard a go. I got three nail-varnishes from Pennys the last day I was in Dublin (like I said...broke). They are by 'essence colour and go'...class all the way with me. I got #32 Gold Rush, #33 Just In Case and #21 Fabuless.

I put the Gold Rush on as my base colour, then randomly blobbed Just In Case at regular intervals around each nail (I did four per nail) then I carefully drew circles round the blobs in Fabuless.

I took about two hours because I had to wait so long for each step to dry, I was on the phone to my sister so it was good.

Now, it wasn't perfect but if you looked closely it looked pretty good. I enjoyed having them because people did mention them to me. I'm no nail artist but when you wear as much black as me it's a fun thing to do to interest up a look.

Nails did.

05 September 2010

I need to blog about this like yesterday

I saw this on my favourite blog of all time Jezebel and I literally DIED. I laughed, I blushed, I giggled, I gasped, I puked, I cried, I shouted.

How BAD is this? Number One, you've got a hot guy with no top on..this makes us feel aroused, and if not aroused then at least interested.

Number Two, the hot guy talks about "moisture"..over and over and over again. Like, shut up friend, we get it ok??

Number Three, what are my feeling meant to be right now? Am I aroused or am I sickened? An I sickly aroused or arousedly sick?

Am I wrong to not want a hot dude to talk about the contents of a *whisper it* sanitary pad??? I actually feel ill even typing this. Our boyfriends can know about periods, they can buy us feminine hygeine products and they can even talk in-depth about period pains but SERIOUSLY does anyone want to talk to their boyfriend about how much they hate feeling soggy??!!

Look, Stayfree, kudos. Honestly, respect. But I'm not sure you are taking this in the right direction. I think the ad should be shot of hot couple making out in bed, he is rubbing her body, limbs are a-kimbo and then the girl gets shy and says something like 'emm..we need to stop' and he's all like 'why?' and she's like 'I'm worried I smell or something...' and he thinks it's because they've spent the day walking around a hip neighbourhood and says 'I can't smell anything'. She sighs with relief. FIN.

Ps. Im officially a true Jezzie! I posted my first comment on the site today! Yeo!

04 September 2010

Jersey Shore and Pitbull???

You don't EVEN understand how obsessed with Pitbull I am right now...In fact, I need to blog about him like, five minutes ago. So this video actually made me scream like an eleven year old at a Beiber concert.

Havin' fun, doin' nails

I was watching online tutorials for stuff and I saw one for 'Half-Moon' manicures by Jennifer on The Looks for Less and I decided 'why the hellz not?' I'm sitting here in front of my computer checking PsycInfo for stuff anyway so this is what happened.

First I painted my nailz white

I think that my first problem happened at this stage - if you are going to paint your nail and then paint another colour over it, it needs to be a smooth finish, so you need to use a good quality nailvarnish. I am not picky so the white nailvarnish I used was one I bought from Poundland (not joking). It's 'New York Colour' in 'French White'. It's ok, but you do need about eighty layers for it to be proper white.

The I put on the little reinforcer circles - good call Jennifer! She was less wasteful than me and actually cut them in half so as not to waste any. I couldn't be bothered so I just slapped them on any old way (*shameful*) and painted my nails!
Here came my next problem...placing them. How far up the nail do you go? How much do you leave white? My hands don't really match. As I said though, I'm kinda of a shambolic bitch. I painted my nails the cuuutest colour I have. It's Rimmel (obvs, most of my nailvarnish is Rimmel) 60 seconds in 409 Coral Crush. Mmm Mmm Mmm!

So here is the finsihed product!
If you look closely they are very shabbily done but as I said I'm a shabby girl so I really liked them! I also usually have just chipped block colour on them so it was a nice change! All evening I was staring at my nails, lovin' it!

I'm loving online tutorials right now. I was looking at ones for Victory Rolls, I feel like they're going to be vair difficult (even though all the videos are like 2 minutes long - lying bitches). I didn't bother doing my hair today but I think I'll give it a go tomorrow.

For now, get it bucked.

Bold Blogger

Sorry guys! I know I've been the crappest blogger ever since I started this malarkey. I hope you weren't like this.

 I don't even have a good reason for not updating. Well, I kinda do. I'm finishing my Masters at the minute which involves writing my final Chapters and correcting earlier ones AND looking for a frakking job (Melt) which means writing CV's and cover letters...Blah blah blah.

Oh and I also started a new part-time job, in a fancy ladies clothes shop. It's shit though, business is sloooowww and I'm not built for retail (I tell the truth even though I'm on commision and I don't believe in the hard-sell).

So yea, busy times in Pussy Land. I have SOSO many ideas for Hot Irish Guys though EXCITI! Hold onto your bras!