20 February 2011

Nother Polyvore

Yo bitch - get over this shit!

I can't though - it's TOO fun! So here is another polyvore I bin workin' on

This is the perfect outfit to meet his parents in.

Nail Emergency

Aww shiiiiit.

Last night whilst being a drunken fruit bag I broke my nail. *Gah*

We were at my friends art show in an abandoned police station and I was trying to get through a door and suddenly I realised my nail was hangin' off BOKE

Yes, I am still in bed. White Russians and Buckfast are NOT a good combo ... who knew?

Good party though - even tho 5-0 rolled up at 4am.

My friends art show was spectacular though :-)

13 February 2011


Just got my nails done on Friday night

I love them <3

My Saturday night

I pretty much lived the dream last night.

March Tatler, d7up and a kebab! NOMZ.

I haven't opened the magazine yet, I was busy watching the last episodes of The Sopranos (!!!!) but I'm uber excited for Chuck Bass, anything Chuck Bass is my cup of tea (I'm morto - I can't remember his real name).

Yea, so I finished The Sopranos! A 'Diva' post on Adriena La Cerva is coming up.

P.S. Just sayin' but 'Diva Cup' totally ruined the word 'Diva' for me - for about a minute, but don't worry. Beyonce made it ok.


OmGAWD! Anyone remember 'Honey', an early Jessica Alba vehicle?? I don't think I saw it but look at the STATE of this trailer!

*Kicked Kitteh eyes* "I teach hip-hop at the Centre"

Guurrrrll did you not JUST see this curly mochachino bambino smoke you with mad dancing skillz???

Nice hurr though.

I'll always love J.Lo best though