13 August 2010

My favourite things together

I saw this on The Lipstick Diaries today and I had to post about it. First of all, Dev is from Los Angeles but because she has such a randomly generic name I can't find ANYTHING else on her! I don't know what age she is, or how long shes been in the music game but Imma find her on twitter later (I'm getting mad into twitter these days, more on that later).

The only thing I do know (from The Lipstick Diaries) is that she used to intern at ZAMAZIN clothes line 'Hellz Bellz' and thus is not only realli cool but also made a suuuuper fun video for her song 'Booty Bounce' featuring allll of the labels looks - 26 outfits in all from 2007 to 2011. The outfits and styling are puuuure beaut, Dev looks amazing AND both my favourite things, fashion and music are condensed into one 3 minute 14 seconds video makes this even better.


(Sorry for the shitty link but I can't use a computer and have NO IDEA how to do this properly...kill me!)