06 May 2011

Meso sorryy

I'm just not in't mood for posting at the minute...I'm feeling well blocked up.

I'll be back soon with some hot nails and some hotter irish guiz.

Ps I'm over on tumblr at the minute too www.thepussyblues.tumblr.com

See you in a minute

24 April 2011

Nice pair

Do you like ti-tehs?

If so this is the spot for you. The Fashion Tit is a website dedicated to those happy twosomee - boobies.

I just LOVE a nice duo of arty breastes so I'm loving trawling back through pages of boo-bahs from fashion spreads in mags such as Dazed, Cake Magazine, Vogue Italia etc

One more look...?

Ah yea, thanks

16 April 2011

Twerkin it

Blogs I love, introducin' me to shit I can't live witout.

LOVE Des Boobs and allll she do.

LOVE lurkdat toooz.


This is my FAVOURITE thing EVER!

I saw this somewhere and just had to post it. (See? If I was a more well organised blogger I would remember and LINK where I found this shit)

So, it's called 'sexstrologyy' and it gives little sexy titbits and 'facts' about your starsign!!! AGGHHH!!

I'm BIG into astrology and this is like, soooooo true! I am a steamy, straight Scorpio and some of these funs are truuue!

Also I'm vair vair excited because the boy I am hazing a crush on iz a Cancer and apparently Scorps and Cancers are hella compatible in the scratcher - win win!

"A Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do" I concur babez.

No pics? No soooooez, I'm suuper busy today watching the Kardashians and my cat. Saaanks!

02 April 2011

Did someone just call me...?

LOVE this song.

I feel so anti-faminist right now - those fucking Ying-yang twins are mysoginistic fucks but WHAT A FUCKING CHOOOON.

I can't not shake it to this.

Hellz to the yez

I DID dream a dream of big butts!

The ga-donk-a-donk at the start in the pink bikini is what I am striving for. Oh you know!

Betterrr believe it

Things I am loving right now. Even though usually I detest Jermain Dupri.

Hot shit


Oh hai

God, I'm such a weekend blogger.

Anywayz, I just painted my nails in the style of some springtime blooms. I am so fucking sick of them at the moment as I am waiting for my acrylics to grow off (I caNNOT get them taken off again, it's just too sore) so I'm trying to something a lil interesting with them.

And Yez I am still in my pajammies, and what of it? I'm a tax payer, I get to spend my Satadays in jimjams watching Cougar Town and eating Bacon Fries...I'm a disgusting creature, oh wellz :-)

Hot Irish Guys Vol. 5

Oh haaa-aayy! It's back! The Pussy Loves Hot Irish Guys, a mere seventeen hours lata but this Irish Hottie, I just couldn't keep to mineselfs.

Niall 'Bressie' Breslin, singer and hottie of Irish band 'The Blizzards'.

He is oooonnne Irish ride. So anyway, born 24th October 1981 in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath (lets have a lil lol). He is a strapping young Scorpio! MY SIGN! MY SIGN! AGHHHH! Which makes this bitch emotional, powerful, passionate and intuitive (Aw hellz yez) but also jealous, secretive, moody and obsessive (whaterrr, all the good ones are crazy - holla!). This week is shaping up to be a tough one for us Scorpios, we need to keep our cool and also to unwind, but someone is going to help us out when we most need it - thanks brotha!

Naill Breslin is SIX FOOT SIX INCHES, DO NOT ADJUST YO SCREENS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL and a muscly 16 stone. Ohhh haaa-aaayy, you gotta girl? You want one? The only problem is he has a penchant for bent mutton-chops.

Namsayin'?? This will just neverrr catch on.

Yea, so, he went to UCD (my alma mater Oh hai) on a sports scholarship, then played ruby for Leinster, then maybe he was fired? I don't know, God, I'd never make a journalist, shoddy bitch. Then he was in this band called The Blizzards. Now, I can't lie and this is my damn blog so I feel I shouldn't have to. I loathe The Blizzards. I find them shite beyond belief, but that is ok, but I am no music journalist, nor am I a thirteen year old who will pay money to see a pop band so it's ok, and hiopefully The Blizzards feelings won't be hurt.

Here they are in actionz


Anyway, Niall Breslin is still a ride. These days he's lviing it up in London, producing and writing?? I think. He also has time, according to his twitter, to go see The Script (for shame...) and have 'awkward taxi man moments' whaterr that means.

In an interview on some random website I found he says that his favourite food is chorizo, he loves pints and his iphone and he like the style of Andre 3000.

Congrats to another Irish Hottie! Pussy loves youuu!

01 April 2011

Hot Irish Guys Vol. 4

And so it returnz! Hot Irish guiz all up in this shit!

Next on the Pussy Roll of Honour is proper Irish actor Michael Fassbender! Nommynomz.

He was born in Germanzland in 1977. His burfday is, wait for it...tomorrow! Aww, which makes him an Aries (Adventurous, enthusiastic, selfish and impatient). According to 'Look' magazine, this week he will feel invincible but some fuckers keep putting obstacles in his way..o relly. And according to this months 'Stellar', he should not give in to self-doubt. Also, Michael, don't be afraid to take a risk wit cho heart ai'gh brotha?

I have never seen this movie but from what I have been told it's effing creepy and thus I should not be putting up this video - but I likez it and I can (kinda) seperate actors from their characters. Except for Chuck Bass...to me, he'll always be Chuck Bass. Anyway lookit his nice shoulder-y shoulders and cheeky smile. Me likey.

So anywayz he does all sort of proper acting shit, he was in that 'Inglorious Bastards' shiz, neverr seen it. He was in Jane Eyre, neverr seen it. BUT, most importantly to me, he was in 'Hunger', which was a film made about the hunger striker Bobby Sands. If you don't know shit about this shame on yo ass! Look at this lazy link to wikipedia!

He was vair good in this.

So anyhooze, his love life is lil sketchy. He is dating Zoe Kravitz (wait, whut? I know...)but I can find NO photos of them together. It is soooo strange to me that there are MILLIONZ of heads obsessed with both these hotties but no papparazi has been all up in their shit taking photos of them heading into the pub/shop/church/whaterrr. They are co-stars in X-Men in case you were interested, I'm not, I prolly won't be going to see that either. I found out they were dating the same way many girls did, in Feburary Vogue. It's hot, I wanna see those bambino namsayin'? Hot kids.

There was some creepy incident in his past with an ex- who took out a restraining order and said he knocked her about and was a total piss-head and woke up in a puddle of his own piss. I'm not being funny but who has a boyfriend who HASN'T woken up in a puddle of his own piss??? It makes me think he MIGHT be the next Christian 'American-and-every-other-kind-of-'Psycho' Bale.

I like smokers. Just sayin'.... Oh he lives in London, in London Fields to be kinda exact (something else I learnt from the Vogue interview), in case any of you crazay bitches wanna go stalk him closer to home!

So yea, well done Michael Fassbender! You are one Hot Irish Guy!

29 March 2011

HAAA!!!! Amazing!

I just looked at my stats and someone got to this blog by googling "Scat shit eating pussy" hahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahah!!

That is THE most amayzing thing I ever heard!!!

My scat blog!

25 March 2011

Rude Batch!

So I was talking to a girl in my work the other day (who is engaged) and I casually said, "Raging, there's only one engagment ring in Tiffany in gold" and she was all "Oh mummy! Not being rude but seriously? You'll hardly be getting a Tiffany ring!".

I think it might have something to do with being 26 and single - your whole ideas or whaterr on meeting someone and getting engaged are sooooo abstract and vague that as a girl who is actually engaged she was able to see far clearer - bitch please, ain't no point hoping aiigh'?

The thing is though, I can't imagine NOT putting in money toward my engagment ring - is this cray-zay? I just can't imagine being all "Yea, I want the right ring and that's gonna cost some coin...namsayin'?". I'd rather be like... "Oooh babe, this is the rock - les go halfers" and kinda just arrange it before he really knew what was happening.

I think I was so pissed off cuz I was thinking, don't put me into YOUR box, you didn't and wouldn't receive a Tiffany engagement ring but it would mean nothing to you and it's never been your dream. It's been mine. I just want one. That's just the way it is. So just let me have my own dreams and you can have yours and les all live in perfect harmoney.

Also because the chances of me EVER meeting someone and settling down are slim to NONE I already havez me a backup plan. My right-hand-rock. I'm going to buy myself a serious piece of stone for my right hand, I'll scrimp, I'll save, I'll go without because it is MY DREAM to have a diamond all mine own. And it's fine if you think thats ridiculous and preposterous - because maybe I am ridiculous and preposterous.


The men of Fade Street

So I said I would do a 'Men of Fade Street' post last weekend (oorrr the weekend before) and this is me getting round to it. I'm a lazy BATCH this week, meso tired!

So the talent in Fade Street is Ok, there are a few who would perhaps make the 'Hot Irish Guy' list.

I have already dealt with The Biggest Penis in Ireland, Michael O'Doherty...
Love that pic...heh heh heh.

So this guy is called Diarmaid Maher, he originally came on the scene as one of the Stellar Hottest Bachelors but was subsequently employed by Stellar magazine as a kind of 'Agony Uncle'. I mean, in theory, on paper he's hot. He does nada for me, but I'm not really into clean shaven dudes.
Here's his visage. In this scene he's talking to Harrison about...flange or some such shite. I have three words Diarmuid Yous a hoe.

Aforementioned 'Harrison'.
I mean..he's hot but...no, just does nothing for me. Do these guys not know that douchebaggery is sooo 2000 and late? He chats up some 'bird' at the bar and makes Louise cry waaaahhh. Dry yo eyez Lou.

There is an uuuuuber funny facebook profile set up for him. Fuuck, it would be soooo shite to be a celebrity - imagine people shit talking about you and setting up embarassing fb groups in yo own name?!

Ok so another set of lads in this 'reality tv show' is Dublin band Karate Kids. Here they are
Or Kid Karate...whaterrrr

There are two of them, Kevin Breen who doesn't really have a huge part in the show and Steven Gannon who has a bigger part as he was french kissing thon Dani. Hes a wee bit of a ride to be honest

I really don't have anything to say about these lads...I can't imagine their motivation for being on the show though.

THEN there is Art Director at Stellar magazine, Dillon St Paul...everything about him makes me laugh from his tan to his eyebrows. He seems quite fun. Hilariously my friend saw him in a Centra and took a photo! It was mazin.
He's a pure magazine gay which is a sub-section with whom I am unfamiliar.

There was also this ...this....PAIN IN MY ARSE of a lad called Keith Kenny. He was dating Cici, who is in fairness, a total roide. Anyway he was SO OBVIOUSLY the Justin Bobby character that it really made me ragin - don't be lazy you fucking reality tv shoe hoors! Think of something a wee bit original
Here's his bake...yea, I know.

He got in some really classy fight with Dani because she 'accused him of asking her on a date', the whole situation was clumsy and vague but this was the outcome
*french accent* why Madame, you are so tres tres chic! I am so tres tres impressed avec your lovely country!

So yea, a quick guide to the lads of Fade Street.

I need more pap photos!

18 March 2011

Diva Alert

This song is some diva shit. Calling him out and predicting what tomfoolery is going down is as good as it gets in a shitty situ.

The Rock

Remember the sad-bastard-wedding post I did last weekend, hanging like a mo-fucka? Yea, well I just wanted to cement my status as a sad bastard by just posting the rock..

Herez the link cuz you KNOW those Tiffany suits don't be having their shit a 'save to images' job!

Oh you know!

Y'all don't even underSTAND how I love this...WHUT


My sisser and her friends have this game called 'What Is Tom Selleck Doing Right Now' so, someone says that and everyone has to come up with a likely scenario such as 'Watching farmyard porn and wearing a 10-gallon hat' or 'Catching sight of himself in the street and thinking - I'm a handsome man, a damn handsome man'.

So thats all well and good but I can officially say I don't give a fuck about Tom Selleck.

Stacie the Bartender though? Now her, I do give a fuck about

The question I ask myself on the regular...what is Stacie the Bartender doing right now?

I can't find shit all photos on the worldwideinterbox which is hella frustrating, I want an old school pap-falling-out-of-a-club picture of this ho'. I did however find her tumbleweedin' website. Thats some boring shit.

Her twitter is also pretty shit, but shit in a typically Yank way - "Oh blah blah pool party! blah blah love my family! Blah blah sooomuch fun!". But from there I did glean the info that she was in Las Vagas at (wait for it) Kellan Lutz's brothers bachelor party...wait. Whut? Bitch, please! Is that what you whored your soul on The Hills for??? Kellan Lutz's BROTHERS bachelor party????

The Hills first appearance...

The least plausible 'reality' storyline ever, it enrages me but also..tickles me

Wait? She's at the what? The Wedding? Just hold on there...

Although she did recently tweet about 'Troop Beverly Hills' - that movie was ZAMAYSING!!I LOVED! FUUUU, I need to watch that like asap.

Anyway the whole point of this post. What is Stacie the Bartender doing right now? Wearing a white bikini, drinking a jello shot and drawling 'You wanna do a shaawwwt??'


13 March 2011

Obsessed with Weddings

I am sooo obsessed with weddings. I don't EVEN know why considering I have only been to three weddings and none of anyone particularly close to me so I have never had any hand or in-put into the organisation of a wedding. But still I loooove to talk about them.

I stumbled across this a-may-zing site this morning which has now taken up the rest of the facking morning as I am just sitting on it going "Ooohhh" "Ahhh" etc.

It's called Rock and Roll Bride and it has a load of people's cool, interesting, different weddings on there.

It makes me think about my ideal wedding. Well first I need some money, some time, to get a facking proper job. Oh, and a man. Yep, a man is kind of necessary.

I came across it as a couple from where I'm from were on it. They did a cool, rockabilly wedding in the registry office and then held their recetion in a restarant (I can't fucking spell that word). I liked it because it changed my opinion. I always thought weddings done like that would be a bit shit but theirs was classy and cool and lovely.

Herez a link to their fun wedding

Herez some fun wedding ideas I like. Get married here

Pictures here

and here

Reception here

State of me daydreamin about some California wedding when I'm from facking Ireland!! Ah, these dreams of mine, will stay within the confines of my blog....Imma kill myself now...

Back on point. Wearing this hot piece of Stella Mc Cartney. Jayziz. I'd sell my imaginary groom for this

With these Isabel Marant puppies

And this to top off the whole shebang

OHMIGAWD Who sits around planning their imaginary wedding on their blog??? Who does that??? You fucking psycho!!!

STFU I'm hungover, single, thirsty and wedding chat is soothing that.

12 March 2011

Is Sataday night

I'm not feeling too Saturday-y so I'm listening to this volume Loud. Het.

New Die Antwoord jamz


I got a fresh-to-death set for going to London last weekend. I'm going to try to give up my nail habit right now but I'unno if I can do it!

I really love this set.

Shit got wild up in London. We ended up at a crazy basment party thing on Friday. I definately kissed three people (Whassuup!). I actually said to one of them 'Mike, you taste of chemicals'.

Fade Street

I have been meaning to blog about this for-ev-uurr but I'm only getting round to it nowz.

So basically I have always said I should have a reality tv show - I know erry ho' up in here thinks that but whatevs, my version would be hawt. My friends and I used to joke that we had a version called 'The Fields' and then we went to LDN for the weekend and we called that one 'The Gherkin' heh heh heh. So when I heard last summer that RTE were doing an IRISH REALITY TV SHOW I was puuuure raging I wasn't on that bill.

These ho's were. Anyhooz.

I watched with bated breath and I have to say it was my favourite thing OF ALL TIME! Literally the most ridiculous, shameful, low-rent, unintionally funny, scripted piece of reality shit I EVER SAW!

AKA I loved it.

This is funny.

I am so shit at explaining things concisely so I'll will try not to bore the flaps off any readers. There is a street in Dublin called 'Fade Street'. It isn't particularly cool even so I was bemused by it even being set there. Ithas one good bar, one shit bar, it used to have a record store and (human interest) it has a tanning salon where I used to indulge in the sun-beds.

The main females are Dublin model Vogue Williams (I wonder what her real name is? Margaret? Sheila? Candice?). She is smoking hot. Shes a model, now trying to get into acting. She dates infamous but toally secret Dublin graffiti/artist Maser which has made me crazy with curiosity to see what he looks like - he must be a big ride to have bagged this Irish hottie. Anyway, she comes across as really sound and a bit of a sketch and only a little tennsy bit retarded. In Fade Street she was an intern (whaaa? Really?? Original) on Irish mag 'Stellar' for the summer.

Fellow 'Stellar' intern and Fade Street main female is Louise Johnson. She is a former economics student at UCD (my alma mater, hawt) and wannabe PR/events bitch. She seems REALLY uptight but with some glimmer of soundness peaking through. I think she would be the girl you would hate at first and then after one mental night of drinking and honest confabs she'd be your bro4lyf. She's also suuuper cute.

I maybe should have done this next gurl first as she's kind of the 'main player' but my own personal feelings toward her prevented me. So her name is Dani Robinson and shes a Lauren Conrad figure (ie coming from 'somewhere else' to 'the big city'...gag me). She's from Wexford (take a moment for a lil lol) and a big bogger (country bumpkin) and wants to become a tatoo artist (another lol). She seems really immature and silly and selfish and clueless...I'm sorry! I don't want to be mean but I'm literally sayin what I'm seein. She gets a lot of dick tho...kudos

Right so Dani and Louise are living together (totally improbablebut ok - suspension of disbelief). Then Dani's totally ridey friend Cici comes on the scene with her plethora of 'hot locations' and 'single men'.

Cici Cavanagh is a bit of a ride to be fair and also in all fairness she doesn't seem the total douchebag. She does seem like a bit of an eijit and I'd say you'd get sick of hanging out with her after about three months. As with most hot alternative girls in Dublin I would guess she works in Urban Outfitters.
Total ride.

They basically go around doing the exact same things the girls in The Hills did except on a much shitter level and with way more obvious scripting (there was a situation where Vogue left bags of expensive clothes in the boot of a taxi - like puhlease).

'Stellar' magazine, where they intern, which fired Vogue and then fired Louise but still seems to have a huge role in the show, is actually very good. I found like the only place in B'fast that stocks it and buy it the whole time.

The editior is Susan Vasquez. I cannot find a good photo of her on the internet but here is a not-ver-good-one

She is a scary bitch, who rules her ship with an iron fist and looks like Brisbane Barbie but with the cold, dead eyes of a contract killer.

The other boss there is Michael O'Doherty, who may or may not be the biggest penis in Ireland but I'm leaning toward the latter. I think he may be the publisher or something? I know he was introduced on the show as something but I don't listen to facts. Anyway, I find it hard to understand why an oul lad my Da's age is on the telebox shaming himself making a load of girls lives miserable??? He's an utter sociopath. He had a party in Dublin A-List shithole 'Krystle' and when Dani and her 'rocker' friends turned up (lets just take a minute to lol over 'rocker friends')he took a conniption and started ranting about 'tatooed fuckwits'. It was Irish comedy gold.

It's the fucking best! Season One is over and there is some disagreement whether Season Two will happen but it must! It simply must!

The Man of Fade Street deserve their own post so Imma go ahead on and come back to that...but I will leave you with a picture of Dani and a bunny

20 February 2011

Nother Polyvore

Yo bitch - get over this shit!

I can't though - it's TOO fun! So here is another polyvore I bin workin' on

This is the perfect outfit to meet his parents in.