16 April 2011


This is my FAVOURITE thing EVER!

I saw this somewhere and just had to post it. (See? If I was a more well organised blogger I would remember and LINK where I found this shit)

So, it's called 'sexstrologyy' and it gives little sexy titbits and 'facts' about your starsign!!! AGGHHH!!

I'm BIG into astrology and this is like, soooooo true! I am a steamy, straight Scorpio and some of these funs are truuue!

Also I'm vair vair excited because the boy I am hazing a crush on iz a Cancer and apparently Scorps and Cancers are hella compatible in the scratcher - win win!

"A Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do" I concur babez.

No pics? No soooooez, I'm suuper busy today watching the Kardashians and my cat. Saaanks!

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