30 July 2010

Irish hot guys Volume 1

I was having a conversation last weekend with a friend and we moodily agreed that Irish people are the ugliest people in the world. I used to live in a multi-racial household and we had many spirited conversations about this topic. My friend used to placate me 'At least you have the gift of the blarney!'...Bitch, 'blarney' means nonsense!!

Anyway, the next day I was reading the paper and came across a picture of an exceedingly hot Irish guy, so I decided to do a series of blog posts about hot Irish guys. So here is hot Irish guy number one, athelete Thomas Chamney!
Hes the one on the right...obviously. So Thomas Chamney is 26, hes an Aries (which makes him moody, independent, generous and self-involved - Glamour magazine says that this month Aries are having a tough time at but their challanges are actully a profound chance to change their life for good).
Again, he's on the right...Arriba!

Thomas Chamney was born in Clonmel Co. Waterford and moved to Dublin when he was young. He runs 800 meters (for those who care about things like that). So, I am clearly following him on twitter, all in the name of research, and his twitter is ALL about runing, hes such an Irish boy in that when he is describing his performance at a recent race he says he "ran shite". He went to Notre Dame and did loads of running..blah blah.. He studied English and wrote a blog in which he satirised himself as a boozy-skirt-chasing-over-competitive-asshat. Hmm...boys got chops, hawt.
Congratulations Thomas Chamney, you stubbly chiseled Irish hottie, you are The Pussy Blues first 'Hot Irish guy'!