29 January 2011


I got my nails on last weekend

I felt like returning to my lepoard roots with a twist. In liked them all week but tonight I re-painted because I'm going out and I want some high-octane glama

Last look.

Santa came through!

Look at this shit


Can you imagine how much I am adoring this shit???

I asked Santa for this EXACT thing!! Thanks Santa!

I just love her, I just do. And him, I really do.

23 January 2011

I made a lil Polyvore

I made a Polyvore! That was fun! I had seen these shits around but never known how to do one until recently, and now I'm obsessed.

So yea, this is what one Badass Bitch would wear to a Mob funeral. Lovez.

Anat Chelsea Boot
$160 - allsaints.com
All saints boots »

$1,760 - alexandermcqueen.com
Satin handbags »

Lion leather belt
$168 - theoutnet.com
Metal belts »

Vintage 'Gianfranco Ferre 359/S' Gold
195 GBP - goodhoodstore.com
Gold shades »

19 January 2011


I got my nails done two weeks ago. It is not the first time I've had me some falsies but the last time was wayyyy back in the mists of time when I was in schoolz.

First they were red

Then I did purple with a gold-ishy brush stroke over them which didn't really work

Now they are red again which I'm enjoying. They are like an old Jersey woman's nails. Which I love.

They are gettig a bit banjaxed now so Imma go this weekend and get them re-done. I'm ready for something a bit more dramatic this time - I'm thinking zebra or yellow. NOM.


Previously I have always been like 'Adele, yea, yea, Chasing Pavements, whatever, blah blah'. Until this shit. THIS SHIT. This is some next level shit.

This bitch is something else and I adore this song with my entire heart, aortas and all.

07 January 2011

Hot Irish Guys Vol. 3

Awwwwww yea!

Hot Irish Guys iz back! This one is continuing the previous theme, a big-legged, TDH, GAA player. It is a little bit controversial though as I'm not sure if this lad makes me a)nauseous or b)aroused. It may be a creepy mixture of both.

His name is Paul Galvin and he is a Kerry Gaelic Footballer..so far so hot riiiigh'?

He comes across as a bit of an arrogant tootie fruity but he has a deeee-licious Kerry accent which definatly puts him on my list (My former flattie was from Kerry <3)

He is 31 years old and a former teacher -former because he hit a kid in the face with a blackboard duster last year - kinda hot right? He has since left teaching (abviously) to become some kind of hot, Irish, clothes horse guy. He even writes a column for JOE.ie (even the way he says col-ume, NOM).

I can't find much about a female in his life, I'd say it's more a case of femalez, fair play to him.

Some homoerotic shit...just look at those legs

He's a bad boy - look at this rowdy shit!

Number 18, dammmnnn boy!

Ah, hot Irish guys. Nothin' like 'em.

Aww shit yea

I got my nails did today and I need to learn how to type in these bitches.

This fierce bitch in the pleather shorts - It's what Ima wear to my wedding.

06 January 2011

Me and my femalez

Well abviously.

I'm all about this shit right now.

Nicki Minaj Photo dump

I know I am coming late to the Nicki Minaj party, which infuriates me because I don't want to be blogging about no old-ass shit BUT I can't even handle my love for the Minj right now.

She really is my kinda gurl - big booty, ridiculous wigs, T&T, colours, leapord, latex. NOM.

So yea, here are some of my Spank-bank-material pictures of the Diva herself

Some hoochie shiz

Some classy shiz

Some Gwen Stefani shiz

Some Harajuku shiz

Gurrl, did you take a picture of my arse to your surgeon?

This is my dream

Dear Santa, Can you make sure this sex-tape is released? Pleeeeaaase? I've been a good girl allll year! Well, not really, but hook me up aiiiiigh'??


Avoiding the gym

Chillin', youtubin, ya know